Eclipse plugin and git-svn?


I tried to search the forums, but didn't get any relevant hits, so here goes.

Is it currently possible to use the TeamCity Eclipse plugin on a git-svn cloned repository? Or will it be supported in some future version?

Currently I'm interacting with our SVN repository at work through the git-svn binding, using git locally and pushing to SVN, and the plugin always reports "No modifications found for Remote Run." when choosing "Remote Run..." from the menu. This happens no matter how many changes I have in my local repository.

Does anyone have experience with this?



HI Jonatan,

Just in brief: TeamCity uses king of url for identifying resources which are passing to Remote Run. These urs're VCS specific. So your local formed url includes git-specific part but your TeamCity server expects SVN based one. This is why your server does not accept your changes.

Best regards,


Thanks, Konstantin. I was afraid that this was the case.



Just wanted to ask if this is now supported?


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