private build: upload test binary, fed into regression test stream as dependency

(first time post, I searched the community but couldn't find what I'm looking for. Appologies if I'm not using this correctly)

So we provide a way for Developers to kick off a personal build similar to our nightly regressions by pointing to their VCS root+branch. the agent will checkout and build a binary and send it along into the typicaly regression flow.
I'd like to be able to offer them the ability to point to a prebuilt binary to run regressions on that binary, instead of checking out from a VCS and building.

The problem we have is build agents may not be able to access the developer's local system disk space (i.e. the laptop may have been shut down after submitting the job but before the run is able to kick off) and the username that agents are logged in as do not have permissions to access all possible locations where the binaries might live.

When they are kicking off their private run, it brings up a dialog box in their browser. I'd like them to be able to upload a file (c:\temp\test_binary.exe) which is just a file dependancy for the test/regression job. Possibly it uploads that binary as an artifact that is a dependancy for this private job?

Does anyone know of a way to do this?  

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You can ask developers to put the file on your local FTP site (that all agents must have access to) and provide path to the file as a build parameter.

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Appreciate the response Sergey.
We've explored this but unfortunately it's too difficult in our enterprise to give all developers write access to a central file share. I know it's not technically difficult, but it's due to our IT setup across different geographical locations, domains and IT political differences. HTTP and SCMs are a couple of things we can access without too much difficulty.
I'm really looking for a solution where we can specify the file itself as a build parameter and have the web interface upload it.
Thanks, Erik

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Remote run ( may fit your needs, but you'll need additional configuration.


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