TC8.1 JIRA-OnDemand Integration - Failed to fetch the issue; no priority found


We are facing a problem with the JIRA integration.

  1. Our JIRA server is located in the cloud via https
  2. I was able to fetch the project keys, so login and interface are correct
  3. When performing "test connection" I'm failing to fetch the issue information and getting an error: Error: Failed to parse the issue: no priority found

When I hover the change comment with the key of the issue I get "Issue tracker is unsupported"

Previously when we tested the integration with local JIRA server vs. the OnDemand it was working with no problem
The link to the issue from the change information is working correctly

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Looks like this issue:
Please install latest bugifx update - 8.1.2

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Upgrade to 8.1.2 resolved the issue


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