Why I always get error "Artifacts path 'Tests/coverage/*.*' not found.

Hi there,

I am new to Teamcity and I am trying to publish my code coverage using artifact building function.
My project configuration is as below
- VSC checkout mode is agent-side (using Git)
- Checkout directory is default one (it checks out on default location "<Agent Work Directory>/<VCS settings hash code>")
- Working directory is on D:\
- Code coverage report is produced after build is done, it is put on "Working directory\Tests\coverage"
- Artifact path is: Tests/coverage/*.* => coverage.zip

But the artifact publising is always failed, it says the artifact path not found. As far as I know that the artifacts will be searched on checkout directory but it is always cleanup after build is done so I wonder how the artifact function work. How can I publish my code coverage report?

I am appriciated for all the help. Thanks so much.

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It searches for artifacts in build checkout directory that is located by default under agent's working directory.


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