Creating separate build configurations for bit branches sharing a VCS Root

I searched and saw similar questions have been asked before. Hopefully, my question has novelty enough to deserve an answer :)

We had been using TeamCity 7.x with SVN as source control system for a long time and it works well enough. Recently we upgraded to TeamCity 8.1.1 and now I am trying to create build configurations for our projects using Git. The first obvious change is you are not able to create independent VCS roots, rather each VCS root is attached to a project.

So I create a project "My Project" under root and created a Git VCS root pointing to:

The default branch is set to:

And Branch specification is empty.

Then I created a build specification for the master branch and it started building fine. Now I need to create another build pointing to 10.0.0 branch. To minimize overhead, I want to share the same VCS root, but definitely want a separate build configuration (with separate build numbers).

I cannot figure out how do I accomplish this. If my source control was SVN, I would have just created another build configuration with the common VCS root, and edited checkout rules pointing to trunk or specific branches (effectively allowing me to create different build sharing same VCS root).

Because of the way Git works, customizing checkout rules to point to specific branch is not feasible. The branch specification parameters which ideally should have belonged to a build configuration need to be set at VCS root level.

Did I miss something or doing something wrong. Is it possible to share a Git VCS root with different build configurations pointing to different git branches.

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You can parameterize default branch name, for instance /refs/heads/%current.branch% and set current.branch parameter to different values in trunk and branch configuration.

This is a common way to do this.

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Thanks Sergey, can you please confirm if parameters are supported for Git Pull url too?

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It can be parameterized as well.

Any time you can see a parameters button near the text field/area, this field can be parameterized.

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Hi Sergey, thanks for the helpful tips. I somehow overlooked the parameterized indicators on the VCS root page.


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