Team City Error Message

I just upgrade from TC7 to TC8.1.2.

I originally had the services running under a user acct, but forgot the password.  For now, I'm using the SYSTEM acct.

Anyway, TC started up, and I decided to try and run one of the projects.  It errored out while trying to update from the VCS, w/ the following details:

Failed to build patch for build # {build id=2104}, VCS root: "<ROOT>" {instance id=2, parent internal id=2, parent id=<ROOT>, description: "svn: http://<SERVER>/<PATH>"}, due to error: Cannot build patch:

Maybe it has to do w/ using the SYSTEM acct, don't know yet.  Maybe something else due to the upgrade.  Any suggestions?

(P.S. -- I replaced items in the message that were too revealing of my company's structure)

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I've been able to get the TeamCity Build Agent service to run under the designated user account now.
(But I haven't been able to get the TeamCity Server service to do so.  Why?  Don't know...)

Anyway, this seemed to be what was needed, as I don't think our SVN is setup to allow anonymous connections, which is what the identity would be I think when the service is run under the SYSTEM account.

Still, as an FYI, "" is not very descriptive on telling me what the problem is, and what I need to fix it.

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You can try enable debug logging under Administration->Diagnostics to see more detailed message.


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