Way too many artifacts

I've got a .NET Website Project build that is generating WAY too many artifacts. The goal is for just the output .nupkg file to be saved as an artifact, which I have setup in the General Settings - Artifact Paths as "*.nupkg". I've tried playing around with different ways to specify this same thing (including more or less of the filename), resetting and readding it, and the result is the same: every folder, dll, xml, that comes out of MSBuild goes into the artifacts directory. There are hundreds of items instead of just one, including some raw .CS files in some of the folders, which is just messed up.

Am I doing something completely wrong, or is this a bug I should report?

My build steps are just MSBuild, Nuget Pack, Nuget Publish. We have other projects in the same installation using Octopack plugins that are all doing the right thing and only outputting the .nupkg file.

Please help me figure out where this could be going wrong. Is there some other place to specify artifact paths that I should look at?


-- Dustin

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Can you please attach a build log and a screenshot of Artifacs path window?


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