When will a build be triggered after build has been cancelled manually?

Hi, experts,

I met one issue about the trigger for builds. We have a configuration with "VCS trigger" set (the default one). And TC detects the Changelist and added it to build queue. However, due to some reason, the build has been removed from build queue at some point. So my question is when will the next trigger (except manual trigger) happens? From my observe, the next trigger will happen when a new changelist comes in. If I was right, is this expected behaviour? Because user set a VCS trigger to build for pending changelist, however, it will not be triggered if the build of it has been removed from build queue and no new changelist comes in, while there are a bunch of pending changelist for it. Could TC periodically check the pending changelists of configuration and trigger it? Or there is some settings I was missing?


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Hi, VCS trigger never triggers build twice for the same change. You need to add a schedule trigger if you want to trigger builds periodically, if there are pending changes.


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