Per-branch custom charts

Tests_CalcJsSizeDev), which triggers a task when a new commit occurs in certain git-branches (say, branch1 and branch2).
The task produces some build statistic values, which are used to build a custom chart:
<graph title="Storefront JavaScript Size (dev)" format="size">
      <valueType key="InitialSize" title="Initial Download and Left Over code fragments size" color="red" buildTypeId="Tests_CalcJsSizeDev" />
      <valueType key="SplitpointsSize" title="Splitpoint code fragments size" color="green" buildTypeId="Tests_CalcJsSizeDev" />
      <valueType key="TotalSize" title="Total code fragments size" color="orange" buildTypeId="Tests_CalcJsSizeDev" />
The problem is that the chart mixes statistic values from both branches (branch1 and branch2). Actually I need the charts to be shown separately for those branches.
Is there any easy way to do that? Or I have to create two separate build configurations and two separate custom charts to achieve this?
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You can't display two charts, but you can display values for one branch here, if you go to branches tab, then select a branch name from the drop down on the left to the tab and then go back to the chart. Alternatively, you can change "branch_<Project's external id>=__all_branches__" parameter in URL to use the desired branch.

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Unfortunately, that doesn't work.

Whatever I enter in 'branch_<Project's external id>' parameter, the chart is not affected: it continues displaying builds from all branches.
Going to the branches tab and selecting a branch name doesn't work either (the branch name in the parameter changes but the chart is not affected).

Any other suggestion?

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Actaually, there's a feature request for this
Unfortunately, it's not possible to display not all builds on this page. You can only disable displaying failed and personal builds here.

You can either create several build configurations (based on the same template) or write a plugin that will display that statistics.

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Thank you for the clarification.
I'll be using multiple configurations for now.


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