Can't set configuration buid parameter from PowesShell

I added new configuration build parameter. In Spec section I setup my parameter as simple text box and prompt. Also enter default parameter.
When I press Run button i get prompt for my parameter with default value.
I enter new value in text box. In PowerShell build step I check this parameter.
But, when I press Run button again in my text box placed value that I previously entered. To reset this value I'll need to press reset link - I don't like that.
Then I try set this value from PowerShell but with no result, old value not changed to default.

Here is what I try to do in PS to set value:
- write-host "##teamcity['MyParam' 'DefaultValue']"
- write-host "##teamcity[setParameter name='MyParam' value='DefaultValue']"

Any suggestion??

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The parameter resolution is not working when you run powershell from file, not from custom script text area


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