Exclude merged commits from build history

Tests_CalcJsSizeDev), which triggers a task when a new commit occurs in a certain git-branch (namely dev).
The task produces some build statistic values, which are used to build a custom chart:
    <graph title="Storefront JavaScript Size (dev)" format="size">
      <valueType key="InitialSize" title="Initial Download and Left Over code fragments size" color="red" buildTypeId="Tests_CalcJsSizeDev" />
      <valueType key="SplitpointsSize" title="Splitpoint code fragments size" color="green" buildTypeId="Tests_CalcJsSizeDev" />
      <valueType key="TotalSize" title="Total code fragments size" color="orange" buildTypeId="Tests_CalcJsSizeDev" />

The problem occurs when a merge commit happens in dev branch.
Suppose, dev branch is merged with another branch, containing N unmerged commit.
In such a case, N+1 new builds will appear in the build history (N builds for each unmerged commit and 1 build for the merge commit itself).

Actually, I'd prefer the merged commits NOT be included in the build history and only the merge commit should be there.
Is there any way to achieve this?

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Trigger relies on information from "Checking for changes" functionality and there's no way to configure it this way.


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