Agent Hardware Requirements

Hello I am looking to build out a new TC Environment and would like to get some feedback on hardware requirements. Here are some stats from my current environment,


My plan was to have 5 Build Agents running on there own VMWare 5 Server with Server 2012. Each one would have 16GB of RAM and 4 CPU CORES. Disk would be 300GB C and 700GB D. As for the TeamCity Server, this would run on a Physical Cluster connected to an External SQL 2008 Server. I am not sure if this is overkill or not as I am prett new to TeamCity, but would like to see what some of you are running so I can design an optimized environment. Thanks in advance.

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Why is a new hardware required? What hardware is currently being used?

If "AVERAGE WAIT TIME 1M" means 1 minute, why buy a new hardware?

I am currently trying also to choose the hardware for the server and the agents, but we are switching from another build server.

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Our DEV Teams are starting to use MS Visual Studio 2013 and are compiling their code in 64bit. With our current environment there are many incompadabilities so some of our projects are being build outside of TC because of it. Our Team City Server and the build agents are running on servers with Windows Server 2008 SP2 32bit.

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I do not see why all of the hardware is to be changed (especially the hardware for the agents).

Use the current builds really 4 CPU cores? If only two CPU cores are used, you could install two agents on a server (see
In this case, probably another HDD would make sense (for the second agent).

I come from the Java world, but here you can also run on a 32 bit hardware compile a 64 bit application. It would therefore not exist here, the need to buy new hardware.

Note: I have so far only theoretical knowledge of TeamCity (and practical with a different build server).

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I would agree that 16GB of RAM is an overkill for a build agent that basically does nothing, but execute a build script. It even doesn't run the VS GUI application, but only its command line tools.

I'm not sure if it's good or not to install 2 agents on 4core PC, because concurrent access to disk would make both agents slower that if they were separated. MSBuild allows parallel compilation. NUnit allows parallel test execution (but it's noth easy, though). I think the best way is to give it a try in both ways and see what is better. Judging from the fact average wait time is 1 minute, probably you don't really need more agents.

The server configuration is also good enough to cover like 2-4x load of current without problem (possibly except increasing # of VCS roots). You probably need to consider reusing VCS roots instead of creating many copies of them. For instance, at Jetbrains we have around 200 build agents and only 500 VCS roots.

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I'm not sure if it's good or not to install 2 agents on 4core PC, because concurrent access to disk would make both agents slower that if they were separated.

With our currently appointed agent computer we want to operate 2 Agents
SSD 1 for the system (consumer SSD, but RAID 1)
SSD 2 for agent 1 (low end Enterprise SSD Samsung SM843T)
SSD 3 for agent 2 (low end Enterprise SSD Samsung SM843T)

We have the systems are not yet in operation, but I'm assuming that the (single thread) CPU performance is the bottleneck.

We need no (expensive) server hardware vor the agents and we can use the installed software for more than one agent.


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