Define build version number based on part of svn branch url?

Basically I would like to be able to define the build version based on part of the SVN url used for the build.  A simplified example:

VCS is configured to build:

<SVN ROOT>/branches/RC_*

If we created a new release candidate for example:

<SVN ROOT>/branches/RC_18

Then is it possible to configure the build number format to include the release candidate version?

I had been given some guidence it should be possible by setting the release trigger to something like:


But then i have no idea how to reference that in the 'Build number Format' parameter
Many thanks!

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Feature branches are not supported for SVN. For SVN we recommend to setup different build configurations to checkout specific branch. To simplify this process you can create single shared VCS and create a template with this VCS and checkout rules with parameter +:branches/RC_%branch_number% and also include this parameter into the build number.
Then in each configuration inherited from this template you can define custom value for %branch_number%.

We have a feature request and a related forum post Please read comments for more information and vote.


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