Where to configure custom checkout directory

Per the documentation for 8.x, "You can specify the checkout directory when configuring Checkout Settings on the Version Control Settings page"

However, on the Version Control Settings page, all I see are: Type of VCS, VCS Root, General Settings, Authentication Settings, Server Settings, Agent Settings, Changes Checking Interval, and VCS Root Project. I would think this parameter would be under "Agent Settings", but the only options there are Path to Git, Clean Policy, and Clean Files Policy.

I'm using git and have been able to successfully check out from my repository, start a build, etc. Am I missing a plugin? Is the documentation wrong/should I be looking somewhere else? Can I configure the checkout directory in the build agent properties file?


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To configure checkout directory you need to select Build configuration -> Version Control Settings (not specific VCS root), here you will see Checkout Options.


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