Using a Perforce VCS Root to build at a label

I am running TeamCity 7.1.5 and using Perforce as my VCS.

I set up a project where the VCS Root checks out based on a supplied label.  In the project, the VCS checkout mode is "Automatically on agent".  The labeling mode is "Successful only".  For "Choose VCS roots to label", the box indicating the VCS Root above is checked.

If I set the label to a particular state and then trigger a build, the agent seems to get the right versions of the files, but the new label that is created at the end of the build points to all of the latest repository revisions (not to the contents of the original label).

From the teamcity-vcs.log file, I saw this line:
Jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Labeling VCS root perforce: KLDAPP01:1666 {instance id=19, parent id=7}@15501 for build Running build bt9 on BUILDBOX, build id: 288

This seems to indicate that the build is being labeled "as of Perforce changelist 15501", but that's not correct in this case.

Is there something wrong with my configuration?

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Anyone?  Is the behavior described in the previous post expected?

That is, shouldn't the label created by TeamCity at the end of a build contain the exact files that were used in the build?

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Sorry for delay. I've created an issue


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