Results of remote-run branches are not shown on overview page for build chains

Hi Community,

in the TeamCity overview page you can select "<active branches>" and then you should see for each active branch  (default branch, remote-run branches, feature branches, ...) the result of the last run.
However that does not work properly for build chains on our Teamcity Enterprise 8.0 (build 27402).

We have one central run configuration ("compile code") that compiles our code and publish the complied jar file as an artifact.

Furthermore we have something around 30 regression run configurations, which do our regression tests.
All those regression configurations depend on the "compile code" run configuration:
    - Each configuration has a Snapshot Dependency on "compile code" (options: "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one", "Only use successful builds from suitable ones")
    - and an Artifact Dependency on the jar file published by "compile code"

This works absolute fine, only the visualization of remote-run branches in the overview page does not work for the regression runs. For the "compile code" configuration all remote-branches are shown with success or fail results, but for the regression runs only the deafult branch is shown.

When we open the History of one of the regression runs we see that the remote-run was triggered correctly, and we see the result, but in the overview this remote-run is not displayed. So currently we need to navigate through all 30 regression runs and check in history if a remote-run was successfull or not. This is really annoying :-(

Do we do something wrong, or is this an isse with Teamcity?

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"Branch Remote Run Trigger" triggers personal build which is not shown on Overview page.
At the same time you can see these builds for Compile build configuration because they were triggered as part of build chain and not detected as personal.

In this case it is better to use Feature branches and configure VCS triggers with branch filters.

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Hi Alina,

your answer makes totaly sense, and Feature Branches do the job!!!
Thank you so much for your info.

BTW: TeamCity rocks ;-)



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