How Can I Trigger Notifications Affected by My Changes on Dependent Build with Different VCS?

We have a build that runs some blackbox integration tests. This build runs whenever there is a VCS change in its repo as well as when the primary app code build runs successfully. Is there a way to allow notification to a user who made a change to the primary app build that triggered the integration test build and caused it to go from green to red?

Let me try and clarify a bit.

Build A - builds from repo A - triggers via VCS
Build B - builds from repo B - triggers via VCS or success of Build A

I'd like the ability to notify users in the case that they checked in code to A that resulted in a run of B that caused B to fail. This is supported by default for Build A failures triggered by Repo A checkins and Build B failures triggered by Repo B failures, but I haven't figured out how to deal with cross project failures.





So far this is not supported directly.

You might want to vote for related feature request:
This will be actual if A has an artifact dependency on B. Is this the case in your setup?

Current workaround is to explicitly include repo A into build B (and probably also use snapshot dependency between them to ensure the changes are synchronized).


Thanks. Not sure if this would quite work for me, but I think it would make things work reasonably well. I'll take a look at your workaround, also.



Is there any another workaround to achieve this or is TW-3883 planned for a upcoming release?
For us it is not very practical to do this as in our case build A gets >5GB of data from VCS. Meaning that all our ~100 B builds have to get the same VCS. In best case this adds 5min to each test, which means one full run takes >8hours extra...



No, we don't have workaround now except including repo A into build B. Unfortunately we cannot say when exactly this issue will be fixed.
The only way now is to notify a pre-defined list of users when B build fails. Or to notify one user who will investigate why the build failed and will notify a committer.


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