How to deactivate mute functionnality?


It seems that mute functionnality in TeamCity is either buggy or not working correctly. Is there a way to deactivate it? If a build fails, I want to see the build failure, I don't want TeamCity showing it green, saying everything is alright.

Last issue we have, is a build that is green, compilation and tests are all OK. The build after, compilation breaks, so it's a major failure, but TeamCity mute the compilation failure, so we still see the build OK !

Or I didn't understand correctly how muting test works, but it would be better if mute can be set manually, and not automatically.



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If you mark a failed test as muted it won't affect build status of future builds.
From the Project Home page you can navigate to the Muted Tests tab to view all muted tests for this project and mark necessary tests as not muted.


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