How to set up these kind of trigger?


In my server, the set up is like

Build ---> Test1
        ---> Test 2
        ---> Test 3

So Test1 2 and 3 depends on Build,
I want 2 behaviours,

1, When I push code changes to Perforce,the Build will run and then all the tests will run
2, When I use personal build, the tests will not run as it would be very wasteful.

Is there a neat way to achieve this not using extra build configiations?


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In this setup VCS triggers should be configured for Test 1, 2, 3 build configurations with option “Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies”. Snapshot dependencies should have “Do not run new build if there is a suitable one“ option ON (to avoid duplicate "Build" builds).

When you trigger a personal build from IDE you need to select build configurations you want to use for the personal build. So you can run personal build only for “Build” build configuration.


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