Multiple dependant projects generate one email

I have 4 projects which comprise a larger project.
1) Compile code
2) test code in one environment
3) test code in second environment
4) package up all the code for deployment

steps 2 and 3 take place on two different machines and happen at the same time.

Currently I send an email with the status of each step, pass/fail.

I would like one email, that indicates the overall status of the build.

So if the compile fails, one emails is sent,

if step 2 fails, and step 3 passes one email

if step 2 passes and step 3 fails, one email

if step 2 and step 3 both fail, one email

and lastly if step 4 fails, there is one email.

if step 4 passes, one email is sent with an overall success.

my question is how to handle the situation in bold font?

Can anyone offer a suggestion?  Notification rules just don't go deep enough for this


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If you do not run 4 build if dependency has failed, you can subscribe only to notifications for build configuration 4 (with option send notification when "The build fails to start") and not subscribe for 1, 2 or 3. In this case you will receive one notification of build status. Isn't it an option?

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duplicate message deleted

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It tells me thing did not succeed, but not why....

It would be nice to know which step failed and to get the information from it.

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Unfortunately we have no solution for it now. Please watch/vote for this issue
Also we have a related issue, may be it can be useful.


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