MSTest 2013 integration issue

I have a solution imported from VS2010 to VS2013 that I'm trying to compile on Teamcity 8.1.3
Everything works fine except that I can't retrieve the MSTest results information (I have no test report tab).

In my build log, I have this error:

[Step 3/3] Unknown data processor type 'mstest' in service message 'importData'

The log however, clearly shows the tests being executed, each test having success or fail status...

This configuration used to work fine on VS2010.

Is there an issue with MSTest 2013 test runner?

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My colleague has already answered this question by email, but I'll copy it here just in case.
The message "Unknown data processor type 'mstest' in service message 'importData'" most probably means the agent installation is broken.
Could you please attach all TeamCity agent logs, if they cover the recent upgrade we might be able to figure out the reason for that.

Otherwise I would recommend reinstalling the TeamCity agent and ensuring there are no errors reported in the log during the first agent start.
If clean checkout for all the builds on the agent is not an issue, you can only preserve agent's conf\ via backing it up before and restoring after the new installation.

If the issue still remains, please detail how is your build configured in TeamCity and attach full agent logs as well as the build log.

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