[TeamCity8.x]Build does not create any DLLs. Also, no source code available under dotCover

1. I am trying to run NUnit tests but the step fails because after the build, there are no Tests.dll created under the active directory. Am I looking in the wrong place?

2. Also, just to check code coverage features, I gave absolute path to some DLLs I have locally. The code coverage works fine but I cannot see the source code for any of the tests etc. How can I see source code?


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1. NUnit runner does not create .dll files. Before running NUnit you need to run for example MSBuild step, which will create .dll files.
2. After working dotCover generate .xml file with Code coverage summary. To see colored source code on Code Coverage tab there should be sources in working directory and also .pdb files (generated together with .dll), which will perform mapping between result in .xml file and your sources.

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Thank you. This worked. I added a Visual Studio solution build step and the DLLs were created and now my tests running perfectly.


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