Problems with restarted JUnit tests

Hello to all TeamCity support!
We have a problem with junit tests, restarted at teamcity build, running in Ant.
Our tests run in parallel <junit> tasks, with enabled Teamcity junit support (with teamcity junit formatter etc).
When some of our tests failed, we may leave it to restart after all tests finished, in separate ant task, running in same
So, some test may run twice: first time as "failed" and second time as "restarted - successful".

What is the problem is: teamcity cant "fix" first, "failed" test, and, in tests report i see two same tests, failed and successful.
Here is the example image with some of restarted tests (other tests are removed from report).

Can i "fix" those failed tests somehow?
I've found a REST api for tests:

But, i'm not sure, can i use DELETE REST command to remove some test (failed, restarted, and "fixed" this way).
What is the best way here?
Is there a way more simple than post-process a teamcity build?
And, is such post-process possible?

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It is impossible to delete tests using REST API.
We have a related issue, please watch.


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