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On our teamcity server we have a project with visual studio solution, which has more than one project. Each project schould have own "packages.config" file with the list of NuGet packeges to be installed. We have also creaated a nuget ruuner as a build step and we want that this runner not only installs but also updates already installed packages. The problem is that all projects share one root folder. After building - we can see In build log the following line: "No packages.config files were found under solution. Nothing to install" - thats wrong. We have there packages.config file. Whats the best solution to solve this problem? Or there is any better way to update some .css or .js resources from another project without using NuGet?


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Are you not able to update packages or you also cannot install them?
Can you please attach a screenshot of NuGet Installer build step configuration and also full build log?
Firstly, TeamCity searches for repositories.config file in packages folder. If there is no such file, then TeamCity searches for packages.config files in each projects root folder. Are your packages.config files located in each projects root folder?

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