Build Failing when adding Application Insights

I get the error: [install] Unable to find version '0.8.0-build10578' of package 'Microsoft.ApplicationInsights' when trying to build a website with Application Insights installed.
I have a Nuget update running with pre-release checked. I've also specified the Microsoft Site as a source in the Nuget Package Source area.
Any ideas?

See attached screenshot from Nuget Update configuration screen in TC.
TC version is 8.0.5

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I tried to reproduce with the same versions of TC and NuGet and with the same package, but I could not, package was downloaded successfully.
Are you able to download any other package from Can you please attach full build log?

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I finally ended up jumping on the build server and running the nuget commandline from the solution folder exactly as indicated in the build log.
This ran fine the first time.

I am not sure what the exact problem was, but it appeared to be something to do with the pre-release versions of the Application Insights nuget packages.

I ended up resolving the problems by:
1. Adding Nuget, Microsoft, and TeamCity nuget repository references to nuget.config in solution.
2. Removing any Nuget package source locations on TeamCity Nuget Install screen.

The TC builds started running fine once I removed any Nuget sources from the Nuget Installation screen in TC.


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