build configurations does not decrease


A quick question.

Does is make sense that when I do archive some build configuration within teamcity the current number of build configurations does not decrease ?

I.e. When I archive project containing 3 builds, I would think the number of build configurations may decrease by 3.

Thanks for your answer.


Hello Yves,

I do not clearly understand what you mean. Did you mean Administration page with Active Projects tab?
Also what version of TeamCity do you use?

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He probably was not aware that archived build configs also occupies available build config slots, just like the active ones, if not using Enterprise License (where the number of build config is not limited by licensing).

by default, you have 3 agents for free with 20 build configs. By purchasing an additional agent, you can have +10 build configs. Currently we have 30 agents (+3 from the professional license), that allows us to have 320 build configurations. We have started to run out from this resource limit already :) Contacted jetbrains already for additional agent licenses.

During that, I would like to know how is it possible to remove build configs easily so I can add them back immediately when we got the new licenses (I need to work on new build configs but I cannot do this right now). As mentioned earlier, archiving is not an option, because that won't decrease the available build configuration number. Deleting it is ok, but I don't want to delete them, just somehow disable them for a given period.




All configurations are stored in TeamCity Data Directory folder .BuildServer/config/projects/<projectID>/buildTypes. So you can remove .xml file and then put it back when needed.


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