Statistics & custom charts

Recently, I needed to gather and display statistics generated by the builds steps.

Using the Build Script Interaction gathering the information was the easy part.

To display them was a bit more work, because I needed to show 3 different statistics on 3 different graphs, with about 20 build variants on every graph. Since Custom Charts can only be configured via XML, I ended up writing a script that run on the TC server, that generates the list of builds by looking for the relevant ones in the data directory, and generate a plugin-settings.xml file for the root project.

The good news is that it works, but there are quit some limitations from my perspective:

  • X Axis: it doesn't seem possible to change the X axis. It always shows build numbers. Since on my graphs the builds of several build types are displayed, the X axis is pretty confusing. I actually don't even understand the numbers there.I would like to show dates instead, but that's not possible without averaging the data, which I don't want
  • Filtering by branch: when using long-living branches, like maintainance branches, mixing the statistics of all branches on one graph is confusing at best
  • Positive integers only: according to the documentation, only positive integers are supported by the "buildStatisticValue" service message. Floats or negative values would be useful too.
  • Last by not least: writing XML files to create chart is not really convinient. Not only it's cumbersome to write, but it also requires working directly on the server host

Overall, it looks to me as if the custom statistics are just an lightweight extention of the original TC statistics (duration...), with little long-term view. However, I think it's build statistics are a great feature and they would deserve a bit more attention. Are there any plans in this direction ?
I want to open feature requests, but I am not sure if I should open a single one with all aspects or multiple.

I look forward to hearing feedback, equally from users or JetBrains.

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1. Now it is only possible to show build numbers in X axis. We have the related feature request.
2. Filtering by branch will be available in 9.0 TC version.
3. Negative and float values are also supported. I've updated doc.
4. Please watch/vote for the request to edit charts in web UI.

Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to create new requests, better to create one request per one feature.

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Thank you Alina, I have voted for the existing requests, which describe pretty exactly what I need. It's good to know that the branch filtering will be available in TC9.


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