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Hi there,

I've currently got my TeamCity instance running on the same domain I'm hosting my site on. This is working fine as there are no permission errors encountered. I was wondering - if I wanted to push a build to a remote server, would it be very likely that I encountered permission errors. Also is there any particular advice on how others have conquered this problem.

I am running 2 Centos 6.4 servers (which are not on the same domain unfortunately).
1 instance of TeamCity is running on one server - and I'm wanting this instance to be able to copy files to folders on it's own server, as well as copy it to folders on the other server as well.

I hope this makes sense, apologies if it doesn't and more context is needed.

Thanks very much,

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To upload files to external location you can use Deployer plugin. Also read this section for more information about deployment in TeamCity.


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