Nuget packages are not published

Our current version of Teamcity is 8.1.3.

We use teamcity in conjounction with octopus as deployment tool. Majority of times, teamcity is able to publish nupack files to its integrated nuget repo. But there are still accassions packages are not avaliable when we try to deploy release in octupus created by octopus plugin for teamcity.

The following is error message and call stacks.

Unable to download package:  Could not find package SOA.Util.WarmUp in feed: 'http://accurev:3000/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1/FeedService.svc/' Octopus.Platform.Deployment.ControlledFailureException: Could not find package SOA.Util.WarmUp in feed: 'http://accurev:3000/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1/FeedService.svc/'    at Octopus.Shared.Packages.PackageDownloader.FindPackage(Int32 attempt, PackageMetadata packageMetadata, IFeed feed, IActivity log, PackageDownloader& downloader) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Shared\Packages\PackageDownloader.cs:line 159    at Octopus.Shared.Packages.PackageDownloader.AttemptToFindAndDownloadPackage(Int32 attempt, PackageMetadata packageMetadata, IFeed feed, IActivity log, String cacheDirectory, IPackage& downloadedPackage, String& path) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Shared\Packages\PackageDownloader.cs:line 131    at Octopus.Shared.Packages.PackageDownloader.AttemptToDownload(PackageMetadata metadata, IFeed feed, IActivity log) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Shared\Packages\PackageDownloader.cs:line 89

Fatal    13:44:33
The package could not be downloaded from NuGet. If you are getting a package verification error, try switching to a Windows File Share package repository to see if that helps.

However, nuget packages can be download from artifacts dropdown of build result.

I suspect packages are not published into nuget repo.

Is there any log file from teamcity I should look into to find its internal nuget push result?  or how can we tell teamcity successfully publish packages to somewhere?

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How do you publish artifacts to TeamCity NuGet Feed? Did you configured it like described here? How to check published packages using Package manager console is described in this blog post. Also please check that NuGet Pack build log.
You can configure NuGet Publish build step to push your NuGet packages to a given feed.


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