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I want to have my text files on the server the same as they are in my repo. So I have no check in Convert line-endings to CRLF in VCS root configuration. But it seems that it doesn' work, because when I run git config --list I got core.autocrlf=true. I've tried to run git config core.autocrlf false before building my project but got the same in the git config log.

Do you have any ideas why it happens?

Thanks a lot!

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This feature is not implemented in JGit, we have a related issue, please watch/vote for it.
To get a correct line-endings you can use agent-side checkout. On agents a native Git which respects core.autocrlf config parameter is used. Make sure you set this parameter in the .gitconfig file of the user who runs an agent.
In case of server-side checkout you can spesify this option.


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