Importing XML Reports

This may turn out to be a silly question, but I'm looking for how to configure (specifically) the import of a PMD CPD XML report, using TC 8.1.

So these are my options (from the docs):

What I'm struggling with, is finding the XML report option under the build features (as per the attachment). As I understand, the XML reporting pluging has been bundled since TC 4.5 and I can also see it on the plugins list.

So now I've reverted to using service messages, but then I get this:

Starting: /var/lib/teamcity/buildAgent1/temp/agentTmp/custom_script4633204830888096178
[19:03:29]in directory: /var/lib/teamcity/buildAgent1/work/19e109b2347b09df
[19:03:29]##teamcity[importData type='pmdCpd' path='src/cpd.xml']
[19:03:29]Process exited with code 0
[19:03:29]Importing data from 'src/cpd.xml' (4.22 KB) with 'pmdCpd' processor
[19:03:29]Waiting for 1 service processes to complete
[19:03:29]PMD CPD report watcher
[19:03:29]Watching paths:
[19:03:29]PMD CPD report watcher
[19:03:29]1 reports found for paths:
[19:03:29]1 report skipped as out-of-date

Why would I get this report out-of-date message?

What is the best way to add this report? I've had it working on TC 7 before (on a different setup), so I'm not sure how I got it working then and what changed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 19.09.54.png
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So this DID turn out to be a silly question: On OS X, with the default setting being that the scroll bar is hidden, I couldn't see the last item in the dropdown -- which is the XML reporting option.

That said, it is still strange that the option using service messages fails.

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"<x> reports skipped as out-of-date" message means that report was created before the build started and most probably it is not related to this build.
You can add the parseOutOfDate='true' attribute to process all the files matching the path. Otherwise, only those updated during the build (is determined by last modification timestamp) are processed.

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Thank  you, that would make sense if the working directory isn't cleaned before it's built (i.e. there are still files remaining from the previous run). That might've been the case.


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