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I have a problem with Teamcity and Subversion.

I have changed date on my server at November 8, 2014 and i have commited some files to subversion.
These commits are as of November 8, 2014 and Teamcity detected and test these files.

Now I have changed the date of August 11, 2014 server, and I have changed the date of commits, then I committee files.
Teamcity don't see my new commit. He sees my commits November 8, but not the following commits, and he still believes that those of 8 November are the months of November to places of August.

How to refresh the cache svn Teamcity ?
For Tortoisesvn, i have used Ctrl+F5, but i don't know how to do for Teamcity.

Sorry for my bad english.

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TeamCity stores all data in database and it is not possible to refresh already stored commits data. Why do you need change dates of commits, could you please describe your use case in more details?


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