Documentation and tweaking of incremental build change detection

We've started checking out the incremental building for our multi module gradle project and it looks really promisining and like it would solve a handfull of
problems that we're having. It doesn't seem to do what you want all of the times though, and I'm a bit curious if there is any documentation of how it is supposed to
work with regards to which modules the buildDependents task will be executed on.

The specific problem we've stumbled on is when you change or add for example an image or a .js file witihn within src/webapp/, it doesn't detect that as a change that would need building and hence no artifacts is produced. If this is indeed the intended behaviour, is it possible to tweak it somehow, to tell it to include additional folders or file types?

We're running Teamcity 8.1.4 (build 30168) and Gradle 1.10.

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