NuGet Installer for multiple sln's?


we have a few sln's in our main-overall-project-solution. We have a custom msbuild file which basically says: find all the *.sln's in the root folder. For each one, msbuild it.

works great.

BUT, I'm trying to see how we can use the NuGet installer as our 1st build step - and then remove any .nuget folders (for each project) and any nuget build steps from the csproj files.

Looking at the UI for a NuGet installer, it has this ..


:( We don't have one single sln. we have multiple.

Is there something else we can do instead?

Do we need to manually ammend our custom.msbuild file and add some custom target and stuff?

cheers !

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No, it is not possible to perform it using single NuGet Installer build step.
Ways to solve:

  1. create NuGet Installer build step for each sln;
  2. create Command line step, which will run NuGet restore command for each sln;
  3. create MSBuild step (as you suggested) (see Command-Line Package Restore wrapped in MSBuild section). If you configure such build step, it would be great if you create a meta-runner and share it with us.

Also please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker.

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