My checkouts appear to delete themselves after 1 week.

I'm using a task in TeamCity as a way of updating universally used buildscripts. Whenever the buildscripts are updated, the task pushes the files to a specified directory on all of our build hosts.

Unfortunately, I've had to change these tasks to also run nightly, whether there is an updated repository or not, due to the fact that I've witnessed the checkouts deleting themselves after sitting for 1 week.

This is happening on Windows 7 machines and there are no processes on the machines doing cleanout of the checkout directories.

Can someone please identify why this is occurring and how I can stop it from happening? I've checked all the settings that are obvious and none of them refer to time-to-live for checkouts. Thanks for the help!

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Checkout directories are automatically deleted from the disk if not used for 8 days by default. Please read Automatic Checkout Directory Cleaning section for more details. Also checkout directories can be cleaned automatically if there is not enough free disk space.
Please follow above link to change the default behavior.


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