Build status for build configurations with additional branches

I'm wondering about how TeamCity should handle Build Configurations based on Git if additional branches are involved. Suppose, we have the following situation in the git repository:

--F                     <--- branch master
  \----F---F---S        <--- feature/stuff
      #21 #22 #22

In this setup, the last build on the master branch (#20) has status failed but the build on the feature branch succeeded (#22). If feature/stuff is now merged into master through fast-forward, teamcity seems to think "hey, I've already seen this commit, no need to trigger a rebuild". As a consequence, the status of the master build stays red when it actually should be green.

Is there a reason why this was designed like that or is there a configuration option to tell TeamCity to update the status of the build configuration in cases like that? A workaround would be to merge with --no-ff but that would loose the linear history.

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Which version of TeamCity do you use? Please see the related issue and suggested workaround.


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