SBT Runner on Mac OSx


we are using TeamCity and for some projects the SBT Runner.
Currently all project are building on agents installed on a Debian Wheezy and it is working fine.

We also have an Agent installed on a Mac OS 10.9 for building mobile Apps.

So i want to utilize this OSx agent also for building our SBT based projects.

But it isn't working and i have no idea why. Maybe someone can help me a lil bit or maybe i have found a bug.

the summary is:
- Java is found
- But Javac is searched in the wrong location

Unable to locate an executable at "/Users/eBusiness/Teamcity Temp/agentTmp/agent-sbt/bin/javac" (-1)
javac returned nonzero exit code

see detailed log attached.

If i am starting manually sbt on the machine and compile my project, everything is working fine.

Best regards

Wolfgang Buchner


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