Email notifications with "Builds affected by my changes" option don't work

I set up a personal alert like this:


And then I checked in a breaking change on a working build. Kicked the build, and waited for it to fail, then several minutes afterward. Still no email.

I set up this:



And re-ran the broken build. Only then did I receive a notification.

So I removed this personal notification, and editing the global All Users notification to monitor everything a la my personal notification. As expected, that sent an email to every developer in the company.

We absolutely need to make these notifications work properly so that people only receive relevant emails, but this seems to be broken.

We use domain authentication, as does TFS. All VCS roots are TFS roots.

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Could you please check that you have configured correctly your VCS username, so TeamCity can understand by whom changes were made?
On the first screenshot rules inherited from All Users group are the same as configured for user. There is no need to specify the same rules for user. You can add users rule with the same watched builds and different notification events to unsubscribe from group notifications.

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Thank you so much!  I was missing the "DOMAIN\" before my user name.  


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