Team City - Continuous Integration with cyclic builds

I am working on a big corporate project where there are circular dependencies in between a few projects, i know ideally it would be ideal to fix the dependencies but the mess is so entangled that no on has bothered to fix it and every one is slapping lipstick on the pig. I am now assigned to move the project on to TeamCity (insert favorite dilbert cartoon).
I ported all these project on jenkins and broke the circular dependency by passing the entire build chain to a given project, Example if a build "A" is re-triggered via chain "A, B" then I ignore the command and do not Build "A" again.

- Does Team City handle circular builds by any means?
- I can probably use the same mechanism I used for jenkins and break the circular builds, but I cannot figure out how to pass the entire chain like this to build dependency.
- is there any alternate way of breaking the chain?

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In TeamCity you can configure snapshot dependency with option "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one". If the option is enabled, TeamCity will not run a dependency build, if another running or finished dependency build with the appropriate sources revision exists. And configure VCS trigger on B with option "Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies".
Please find basic examples of dependencies set up in this article.


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