Disabling user creation on first login - TeamCity 7

We have built an external connector to create TC users.

So we want to disable the 'create users on first login' feature in TC 7.1.4. LDAP authentication is used.

main-config.xml contains following entry:

    <login-module />
    <login-description>Welcome to TeamCity - GIS host teamcity01.ca.com - please use your pmfkey credentials to log in</login-description>
    <guest-login allowed="false" guest-username="guest" />
    <free-registration allowed="false" />

Somebody please advise on how to disable the 'create user on first login' feature in TC 7.1.4.

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You can changes in UI (recommended) Administration > Authentication > Credentials authentication modules > edit > uncheck "Allow creating new users on the first login" or add the following property to auth-config.xml file:

<property key="allowCreatingNewUsersByLogin">false</property>
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I dont see these options in TeamCity version 7.1.4, which is the one we have in production.

I think only TC8 has that option in UI.

How do we accomplish this is TC 7.1.4?

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Sorry, I did not read carefully. In 7.1 TC version you should go to Authentication > General Settings and uncheck: Registration on the login page - Allow user registration from the login page.

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Sorry, but i do not see any page called Authentication on the TC 7.1.4 Administration UI. Attached is a screenshot of the page we have.

Where are you referring to?

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Sorry this option is available only for basic(default) authentication.
For LDAP it should work like this: if option <free-registration allowed="false" /> is added and synchronization is turned off (which means that TeamCity users were not automatically added), then new TeamCity users should not be created on first login. If it does not work like this it looks like a bug. Unfortunately we dot provide bug fixes for older versions of TeamCity and would suggest you to upgrade to the latest version.


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