Building two projects concurrently with the same build number

I've found many discussions on this, but I still don't quite understand the best way to approach this.

I have a server project (java and compiles on a linux agent) and a client project (dot net and compiles on a windows agent).  When I kick off a build, I'd like both projects to compile in parallel (one doesn't wait for the other) and use the same build number.  Independently, they copy their artifacts to a shared server with the build number in the file names.

What is the best way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?


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In this case you can configure a build configuration A and two dependent from A build configurations B (server project) and C (agent project), for B and C configure Finish build trigger. Regarding build number you can create a file which will contain build number and publish it as TeamCity artifact in A. B and C configurations can download this artifact, take the same build number and change build number using service messages.
Please have a look/vote for feature request to build steps in parallel and also for feature to share build number.


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