Teamcity exception and data directory reseted ?


TeamCity 8.1.4 behaved in an unexpected way yesterday. I did my install, put up a project and everything was okay until I got an exception restarting the server (lost stacktrace sorry). For some reason TC reseted itself and didn't want my old data directory anymore (under /home). For some reason it created one under /root, which I do not want.
I tried to force the location of the directory through env variable but it doesn't work (and yes I restarted my machine). So what gives ?


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Please check that environment variable is correct in the same console where you start TC scrip and under the same user. Could you please attach console output and teamcity-server.log file?

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Actually I think it created the data dir under /root/ since I ran with sudo because otherwise I get this:

It seems the directory (/opt/TeamCity/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/plugins/.unpacked) is not writeable. TeamCity requires it to be writeable.
/opt/TeamCity/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/plugins/.unpacked/testfile.txt (Permission denied)

And indeed .unpacked is root's... So I just did a chown and I fixed it. Thanks anyway.

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Permission issue


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