automatic pinning and tagging

In some build configurationen I want to automatically pinning each build. In addition, certain tags should be awarded.

Now I wanted to pin using REST API and curl the current build with a build step. However, the pinning of the current builds is not possible. Is there a simple alternative?
Would this pinning and tagging not a simple function for "Build Features" (like "VCS Labeling")?

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Pinning and tagging are not build features - it's supposed to be a manual human action.

Pinned build are never cleaned up.
Tagged builds are used to indicate various special properties, for instance, release builds.

If you'd like to tag every build, most likely, you actually don't need that.

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Perhaps there is a better way and I did not see him.
We plan 3 build configurations: continuous, nightly and alpha/beta/final.

The results of continuous and nightly are not important and can be deleted. The results of alpha/beta/final we want to pin (and add some tags like "final", "1:00"). The actual requirement is that we want to view the build results even after 1, 2 years.
This may be resolved with the Clean Up rules.
I could add a clean-up rule to the template and configure the time with a parameter. This parameter ist different for the build configurations.

@pinning - it would still be helpful if that goes (automatic) during the builds, since it is a comfortable filter when I just want to see the final and beta builds of version 1.01. (I have not yet tested)

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If you want builds to be never cleaned up - then you need to configure clean-up rules, as you correctly suggested.

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I just opened this feature request: please vote for it if you find it useful:


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