Temporary license for TeamCity migration?


My team is running TeamCity under Enterprise Server License. We have recently decided to migrate the TeamCity server from one machine to another. Due to high volumn development activities we want to have the TeamCity completely verified working on the new machine, before turning off the old one. In other words, the old TeamCity machine will continue to run during the setup of new machine. If the setup on the new machine is not successful, we will continue to use the old server. This way we don't block our engineering team.

However we don't want to purchase another Enterprise Server License for $2000 just for this migration work. Is there any workaround that we can apply here to achieve the goal? E.g. can we just use the 60 evaulation license on the new machine, and once it is working, we turn off the old one and move the license to it?



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Hi Tiger,

Yes, you can use Evaluation license to migrate to a new server. After configuring the new server you can move your current license from old server to new one.

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Hi Team,


Is this Applicable in 2020 as well. we have teamcity license valid till 2017.2version can we use the installer on new server and use evaluation license. Once everything is working as expected can we switch this on. 


Karuna Kant Mishra

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Yes, this is still possible in 2020. As a reminder, the free professional edition will also cover all the functionality. If you are over 100 build configurations builds cannot run under that scenario but it might cover some tests without having to even request an evaluation license.

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Thank you Denis,

For quick reply seems like a good suggestion. Will work on it.


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