Using API in build radiator, how to get it to display only most recent builds?

Hello, I'm using this build radiator to display all our builds and their status

with these settings

//The url for the list of all builds on the left hand side of the screen
Settings.buildsUrl = Settings.teamCityUrl + '/httpAuth/app/rest/builds?locator=running:any,branch:branched:any';

//The url for the list of build types (used for mapping the build id (e.g. bt11) to the name (e.g. Website Tests)
Settings.buildTypesUrl = Settings.teamCityUrl + '/httpAuth/app/rest/buildTypes';

//The url for the status of the build on the main branch
Settings.buildStatusUrl = Settings.teamCityUrl + '/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/';

There's a lot of builds but just yesterday I noticed that on some failed builds, it displayed the last few attempts. you can get the same thign if you stick this in your browser,branch:branched:any,status:FAILURE

I'm trying to figure out how to get it to display only the most recent attempt at each build, any ideas?

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To archive it you can use the following link:,name,builds($locator(running:any,branch:branched:any,count:1),build(number,status,statusText)))

It is experimental feature implemented in 8.1. For more details please see the comment.

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thanks, I presume this is 8.1 only? I'm on 8.0.5 and I'm getting a 404 using that

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Yes, this option was added in 8.1. We would recommend you to upgrade to the latest version,


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