Using cloud agent profile name as agent requirement


Is it possible to use the cloud agent profile name as an agent requirement?

I have a linux and a Windows profile currently, and agent requirements about containing either 'linux' or 'windows' - that works just fine.

But I am thinking of introducing a new kind of linux agent with more powerful hardware. I want only certain builds to use that profile, and other builds to use the more powerful configuration.

I _do not_ want ot stipulate that the contains 'linux' and and the aws instance type is a certain size, because it might change in future, and I do not want to have to go all around the place to edit it again.

- Lasse

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Hi Lasse

Agent declares teamcity.agent.hardware.memorySizeMb and teamcity.agent.hardware.cpuCount configuration parameters.
You can use those, or declare your own parameters by putting them into file explicitly.

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Thanks, we ended up using cloud profile id which can be found in the url for the cloud profile - I hope they are stable :)

I think you should consider exposing the name also, that would be more descriptive.


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