TeamCity not including files in added directory after merge

We are using Subversion along with IntelliJ (13+) and TeamCity.

Recently, we started using branches and as part of our normal process, we are merging changes into those branches:

c:\work\test2-1>svn merge "^/branches/test1"
--- Merging r2543 through r2546 into '.':
A    test
A    test\test2.txt
A    test\test1.txt
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r2543 through r2546 into '.':
U   .

If we commit these changes, all of the files are commited as they should be to the branch we are merging into (test directory along with the two files).

However, if we attempt to run this in TeamCity, it only includes the directory "test" and does not include the files within the directory. It also is displayed this way within IntelliJ, it only shows the directory as green (added), but the files are not marked. I can perform all SVN commands via IntelliJ on those files and it works correctly. And, as mentioned, if I commit, all of the files are added to the branch I am merging into correctly.

It seems that this should work, as it is critical to be able to test the changes that are being merged into a branch prior to committing. However, that process seems to be broken with respect to both IntelliJ and TeamCity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Could you please describe how do you perform commits using TeamCity and attach scrrenshots?


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