Help. Can't set configuration/working folder for CMake project.

Hello! I have some problem with TeamCity configuration for CMake. I build project for MinGW, but can't set up "working directory" from TeamCity will call cmake util.I read and trying set up like this
but nothing... Also I trying write direct to like " = MyBuildDir" and it's appeared in System Properties of Agent in Build Parameters and again nothing... TeamCity still build configuration files in checkout directory.
Also I trying this way - no succeed :(

I want run CMake from another folder, like:
cd Build
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=Toolchain-mingw32.cmake ..

Build log was attached. Thanks.

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"Working directory" is not CMake parameter, it's TeamCity's one. To specify it please press "Show advanced options" at the bottom of build step settings and Working Directory field will appear. Please enter needed build location there.

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Oh my gosh!  I thought that "Additional parameters" it's TeamCity's dependencies. Thank you! I would never have noticed this little button "Show advanced options". I don't understand why JetBrains hidden it, but you should added it to article - :)


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You are welcome!
Thank you for the feedback. We'll upgrade our documentation.


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