Multithreaded build with Visual Studio (sln) Build Step

As near as we can tell based on build logs and performance, the builtin "Visual Studio (sln)" build step provided by Team City only builds one project at a time.  This is different behavior than the default of current versions of Visual Studio; they will build multiple projects at once (defaulting to the number of cores) so long as project dependancies allow for it.

In our case, the means significantly reduced build speed on the build server than we enjoy locally and underutilization of our build server.  Is there is a build-in way to change the behavior to build multi-threaded so we can speed up our builds?

I tried adding '/m' in the "Command line parameters:" setting, but that did not seem to make a difference.

Team City 8.1.5
Visual Studio 2013
Windows Server 2012 R2

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The current TeamCity Visual Studio (sln) built-in runner uses msbuild.exe (instead of devenv.exe).  Please watch/vote for related feature request: and try a suggested workaround.

Also you can find some additional info in comments for these two issues:,


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