Existing packages no longer available in nuget feed.

We've had several projects that build nuget packages that TeamCity has been hosting, both on the authenticated and guest nuget feeds.  This has all be working great until yesterday when ALL the historic packages mysteriously dissapeared!  Newly built packages show up, but anything that was built before yesterday is gone.  When I look at the build history for the projects, all the artifacts (inlcuding the packages) are still there, they have NOT been cleaned up (the artifact cleaner is set for 60 days or disabled entirely depending on project).  Is there a way to force teamcity to reindex the available packages and reset the nuget package list?  This is causing alot of problems with deployment and code that was built against an older version of a package that now can't be retrieved.  I'm happy to provide whatever logs are needed (just tell me which ones)


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Hi Ben,

I am sorry for delay. To reindex NuGet feed please do the following steps:

- stop the server
- backup the content of <TeamCIty data directory>\system\caches\buildsMetadata and delete the content of the directory
- start the server and wait for the artifacts to be reindexed (there should be related logging in the server log).
TeamCity should rebuild the corrupted caches upon start. Please inform us if it helps.
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That did the trick! It took awhile to fully reindex everything, but once it was done all the packages were available.  Thanks for the fix.  Just out of curiosity other than not creating a backup of the old cache, would using the "Reset buildsMetadata" command from the Diagnostics - Caches admin panel have the same effect or would a server restart still be required to get it to rebuild?  I ask in the interest of avoiding the server restart and it's accompanying (if brief) outage.

Thanks for your help,


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"Reset buildsMetadata" currently does not work correctly. It has been already fixed and will be available in TeamCity 9.x version. In this case restart will not be required.


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